Financial support – a helping hand when you need us.

We’re proud of what we do to support our communities.

Sometimes that means providing a helping hand when it comes to people’s finances. That’s why we have a Financial Support Team.  These are skilled professionals whose job it is to help you access financial support in a number of ways.

We see this work  as part of our role in the community to make sure we’re here when you need us. So what kind of thing can we help with? Examples might be:

  • There are a range of State Benefits available – some of which you may not even know you may be entitled to.
  • Do you need help with any forms that need completed to apply for this money?
  • Do you need help with Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit.
  • We can also help you on Appeals. By this we mean challenging a decision that has been made to deny you benefits. If you think you have a case we can help you with the paperwork in this appeal.
  • Fuel poverty is a big issue in a time of rising energy bills. That’s why we work with not-for-profit Citrus Energy who can work out how to deal with fuel debt and establish if you’re on the right energy tariff.
  • Accessing affordable credit. We can find out how to access loans at a reasonable rate of interest without you going to lenders with very high rates of interest.

There are a number of people we work with – we mentioned Citrus Energy already but there is also Pollok Credit Union which is located in Maryhill shopping centre. A credit union can offer you a savings account and low cost loans.

We also work with Scotcash, another not-for-profit organisation, which provides money advice, savings accounts and basic bank accounts. There’s also Epic 360 which exists to help ease money worries.

So what to do next?

If you feel we can help get in touch. Call us direct during office hours (9 am to 5 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 9am-1pm Wednesday) on 0141 948 1148 or email us on
We also operate a Drop-in system where you can come in during office hours and speak to someone. Remember EVERYTHING that you tell us is treated in the strict confidence.

If you have mobility issues or are housebound we can come and see you. Just call us and we will arrange a visit.

If you are in - or facing financial difficulty - the earlier you contact us the better. This also applies to your rent. If you are unable to pay your rent or think this may be a problem then get in touch.

On this page are some frequently asked questions which you may find helpful.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions which may help you:

Q:  My benefit has been delayed. What do I do?
A:  If you are in financial crisis you can call the Scottish Welfare Fund on 0141 276 1177 and apply for a Crisis Grant for living expenses.  You could also call into our office for a referral to the local foodbank if you feel that is appropriate.

Q: My benefit has been stopped. What can I do?
A: You normally have 28 days from the date the letter was issued to challenge the decision.  Call the number on the letter to speak with the relevant department or call the Association on our main number.

Q: I didn’t receive all my items form the Scottish Welfare Fund.
A:  Call RSBi who are responsible for sending the forms to you. The number is: 0141 287 0800

Q: I have received a questionnaire from Employment and Support Allowance or Personal Independence Allowance.
A: The letter accompanying it will advise the date it has to be returned by. Please check this and ensure that it is completed, or that you obtain assistance from us  before this date is reached.

Q: When will I get my Warm Home Discount Payment?
A: Most fuel providers have a commitment to make payments by the 31st of May 2017.  The scheme will re-open in late summer 2017. Check back for updates.

Q: How do I get in touch with Housing Benefit now the local office has closed?
A: You can call on 0141 287 5050 to seek advice or make an appointment at Maryhill Library to speak with a council employee in person. There is also a secure mailbox in the library. You can also call into Glasgow City Council Contact Centre, 45 John Street to seek help or assistance.  You are also welcome to use a phone in Maryhill Housing’s offices to call them.

Q: Do I have to pay the so-called the bedroom tax, also known as the “spare room subsidy.”
A: No, the Scottish Government have made a commitment to pay any shortfall for everyone affected in 2017/18. However, if you haven't received it before you do have to make a claim for it via Glasgow City Council.