How we are performing

Maryhill Housing is committed to improving performance in everything we do.  We think that is what you expect of us.

We set targets on how we will improve our performance in our Corporate Plan.  It is very important that our customers, staff and others can see how we are progressing towards these targets.  Targets help us understand how well we are providing services to our customers and how close we are to achieving our visions of:-

  • Creating a real sense of community and helping people to thrive
  • Providing the best homes and creating places where people love to live, work and play
  • Building a reputation for excellence and being ahead of the game

The best way of checking our progress in meeting these targets is to use very specific measures.   These describe what we are aiming to achieve and help us to decide how we can improve our services to you.  We call these measures Key Performance Indicators, referred to as KPIs.  We have worked with our customers, board members and staff to identify and agree these.

Each department within Maryhill Housing also has a Service Improvement Plan (SIP).  These are embedded in the way that Maryhill Housing works and shows our commitment to continuous improvement in all that we do.

Managing our Performance

Performance management is a process which most organisations use to monitor, measure and improve the quality of their services.  Good performance management is one way we help customers to obtain what they need from our services.  We can also direct our resources (including money and staff time) towards the services and issues that are most important to customers.

Maryhill Housing has a performance management framework which covers all aspects of performance management.  It shows our customers and staff:

  • What it is that we are trying to achieve
  • What we have to do in order to meet our strategic aims
  • How we will measure our progress towards achieving our aims

We will report our performance to our customers via our website.  You can also compare our annual performance information against the Scottish Housing Charter on the Scottish Regulator’s website. This is called the Annual Return on the Charter (or ARC).  The pages can be located here:

Comparing ourselves to others

We use many different methods to monitor our performance to ensure we are meeting our standards and are providing a service that our customers are happy with.  One of the tools we use to measure ourselves is “benchmarking” where we regularly compare our performance with that of similar-sized organisations – notably housing providers - both locally and nationally.

Benchmarking against other organisations is very important to ensure that we are providing the same standard of service as others, if not better.  It also provides us with the opportunity to work with other housing associations and share ideas.  

Customer Service Standards

To view our Customer Service Standards, click here.