Our Handyperson Service

We offer a “Handyperson Service” to all Maryhill Housing tenants who are disabled, over 60 years old or otherwise vulnerable.

The service is provided to help people to continue to enjoy living in their homes safely and independently.  This is done through the Handyperson Service providing small repairs and adaptations.

The handyperson can do small jobs like:

  • Putting up grab rails/handrails/curtains/blinds;
  • Fixing pictures/mirrors etc. to walls;
  • Moving furniture;
  • Changing light bulbs;
  • Giving advice and/or tuning new TVs to the digital service.
  • Building flat pack furniture subject to certain timescales

Each job will be limited to a maximum of 2 hours. The handyperson cannot carry out decorating, gardening, any kind of gas work, electrical wiring or general domestic tasks including washing windows.

You will have to provide your own materials and fittings/fixtures - otherwise the service will be FREE including any screws/nails/glues required which the handyperson may have to use. If you don’t provide your own materials we will charge for these materials.

Requests for the service can be made by calling 0141 946 2466 or coming into the office.  You can also write to us or send us an email enquiries@maryhill.org.uk

Our Handyperson is Steven Fogg, Steven always carries identification with him. You should ask Steven for his identification when he calls at your home.

Neighbourhood Officers

We now have in place Neighbourhood Officers based at the Glenavon and “Mini Multi” flats based at the Glenavon and  Lyndale stations.
These officers are here to help you and do a number of things:

  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Managing the security of the blocks via CCTV and the controlled entry system
  • Patrolling the blocks and the immediate vicinity of the buildings
  • Dealing with anything we find such as graffiti.
  • Carrying out small repairs in people’s homes (something that will be extended to other areas of the Maryhill/Ruchill community in due course)
  • Monitoring, reporting and raising repairs
  • Providing a first response to anti-social issues when they  arise
  • Providing support for vulnerable and elderly tenants
  • Assisting the Glenavon Residents’ Association and the Mini Multis’ Residents Association
  • Ensuring door fobs are programmed correctly so that they work
  • Unblocking waste chutes

Get in touch with us by calling the Association.

Estate Caretaking

OurEstate Caretaking Service focusseson dealing with environmental issues. We know this is a high priority because you have told us.  Keeping our communities looking good by dealing with litter, overgrown areas and similar issues is extremely important.

When are the Caretakers available?

The Caretakers offer a 7 day service with the two teams working a 4 on/4 off shift pattern. Estate caretakers are available 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. This time is spent on a number of things, some of which will involve them being out and about carrying out their duties in the community.

What do the Caretakers Do at the Glenavon flats and “Mini-Multis?

They are responsible for the programmed cleaning of Maryhill Housing’s blocks of flats

What Can the Caretakers Do in the wider area to help the community?

They will remove litter from around our properties or open space areas adjacent to housing stock.  This can include

  • Lifting bulk or dumped rubbish
  • Cutting Grass (during the cutting season)
  • Garden assistance for tenants who are waiting to get this work carried out by Glasgow City Council
  • Weeding on open spaces
  • Hedge Trimming on open spaces
  • Small Painting Projects  such as fences and railings
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Gritting
  • De-mossing

You can contact us about all of the above by phoning the Association on 0141 946 2466 or coming into the office.  You can also write to us or send us an email enquiries@maryhill.org.uk