Applying for a House

Maryhill Housing aims to provide quality, affordable housing in the Maryhill and Ruchill area to people who need somewhere to live.  This could be because they have no home, or their current housing no longer suits their needs.  Our allocation policy sets out how we match the people who apply for our homes when they become available. To do this we follow the rules and guidelines set out in our Allocation Policy to award priority to applications.
Maryhill Housing does not operate as part of any common housing register, and currently our waiting list is managed via a point-based housing system.  Maryhill Housing only have stock in the Maryhill and Ruchill area.  If you are looking for housing outwith these areas, please refer to the section below for more information.  There are also links to other Housing Providers who may be able to assist you.
To apply for a house, you must complete a housing application form.  Please complete this form fully, by answering all questions within the application.  This will allow our Housing Management Team to point your application and ensure that this fully reflects your current housing circumstances.
Our Housing Application form is available online and can be downloaded here or you can collect from our office at 45 Garrioch Road.  
Completed applications should be returned to our office at 45 Garrioch Road or emailed to
Once your application is received, we aim to load your application on to the waiting list within 5 working days. We aim to assess your application and provide you with your points award within 10 working days. Please note that this can be impacted by Public Holidays and office closures, and we appreciate your patience with this.  Once your application has been assessed and pointed, we will send you a points notification letter which will breakdown the points that have been awarded to you.  We are unable to place a timescale on when you will be rehoused.

Applying for a Mid-Market Rent Property

When we have properties available for mid-market rent, the relevant application form will be available for download on this page or for collection from our office at 45 Garrioch Road.  Please ensure you read the eligibility criteria before applying to rent a mid-market property.  This can be found here.

Are you homeless?

If you are homeless, or think you might become homeless, please contact your nearest Community Homeless Service online.  

An out-of-hours service is available from 4.45pm to 8.45am Monday to Friday and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at: The Hamish Allan Centre, 180 Centre Street, Glasgow, G5 8EE.  You can also call 0800 838 502.

Housing Transfers

If you are an existing tenant and are interested in transferring to another property, please contact your Housing Officer who will assist you in completing your transfer application.  This will include an inspection of your property.  At your appointment, we will discuss your current housing situation and explore a range of housing solutions with you. If you are not sure who your Housing Officer is, you can find this information here

Housing out with Maryhill and Ruchill

Maryhill Housing only have stock within the Maryhill and Ruchill areas, if you are looking for housing out with these areas you will need to apply to Housing Associations within that area.  The link below gives you information on all Housing Associations within the Glasgow area.

Housing - Glasgow City Council

If you wish to remain close to Maryhill and Ruchill are but wish to expand your Housing Options the link below provides information on neighbouring Housing Associations.

North West Area - Glasgow City Council

You will be required to submit housing applications to each of these to be considered for rehousing.

Maryhill Housing Associations Housing Option Guide can be found here.
Maryhill Housing Associations Allocation Policy can be found here.
For more information, you can access our Frequently Asked Questions here.