What we do

Maryhill Housing’s factoring service covers the management and maintenance of all “common” areas of the building.
Some examples of this are: gardens, trees, paths, gutters, roofs, drains and chimneys.  It also includes larger areas such as door entry systems, the external fabric of buildings and boundary walls
You can report repairs to us 24 hours a day.
Telephone: Call us on 0141 946 2466
Email: repairs@maryhill.org.uk

We aim to attend emergency repairs within 4 hours and all other repairs within 10 working days.
Make a Payment

  • Online: Go to our self-service page

  • Direct Debit: Contact us for a Direct Debit mandate 

  • Standing Order: Contact your bank 

  • Internet: www.allpayments.net 

    • Sort Code 83-21-42 and Account Number 00174254 (please quote your factoring reference number) 

  • Allpay Payment App: Download from the Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store, or Google Play 

  • Telephone: Call Allpay on 0330 041 6497 to make payment by Debit Card using the 19 digit reference number on your Allpay card 

  • Pay Point Shop or Post Office: Using Allpay payment card 

  • Cheque: Made payable to Maryhilll Housing quoting your factoring refence number 

  • Chip and PIN: Facilities available at our office at 45 Garrioch Road 

Your invoice from Maryhill Housing is designed to show as clearly as possible charges to your factoring account.  All charges show the total cost of the work to your building, your share of the cost of the work and your individual charge (including and excluding VAT).   Detailed at the bottom of the invoice is the total balance outstanding.  Any balance due should be paid by the date stated.  Any credit balance overpayment will be carried forward to your next bill and deducted from the total. 

Please note that the balance on your factoring account is due for payment in full within 28 days from the date of invoice.  If you pay your account by monthly direct debit or standing order and there is an outstanding amount on your account, you should pay this in addition to your direct debit/standing order payment in order to clear your account.

If you do not understand your factoring bill or dispute any part of it, you should let us know as soon as possible but no later than 28 days from the date of invoice.  This is so we can ensure we do not pursue you for unpaid charges that are in dispute.  All non-disputed parts of the invoice must be paid within 28 days from date of invoice.

You have an obligation as an owner to ensure that you meet your factoring charges on time.  This is required to ensure that we have sufficient funds to manage and maintain your building.  As such we apply a late payment fee of £20.00 plus VAT to any accounts not paid in full by the date requested.  You will receive notification of this in a reminder letter.  If an owner fails to pay their account after the reminder and late payment fee, we will commence legal action to recover monies owed to us.