At Maryhill Housing, we’re committed to creating, managing and improving places where people love to live, work and play. 

Service Improvement Panel (SIP)

The Maryhill Housing Service Improvement Panel (SIP) was established in 2015 and was the first scrutiny group representing tenants and service users of Maryhill Housing.  The SIP is made up of five different tenants and service users.
The SIP reviewed Maryhill Housing’s Investment Programme over a period of eight months with a particular focus on the Kitchen/Bathroom/Rewire (KBR) Programme.
The Investment Programme Scrutiny Report was published following the SIP’s review.
Click here to access the report which highlights the findings and recommendations of the SIP.

Feasibility Studies

Before starting any improvement or major repair works, we may carry out a feasibility study.  A feasibility study helps us to decide what is the best and most cost-effective way to carry out any improvement or upgrade works.  A study like this will allow us to consider a range of options before deciding how works will be carried out.  We tend to use feasibility studies for large programmes or complex works which we intend to carry out.

Programme of Planned Investment Works

In recent years the external operating environment, particularly the cut to social rents, has made improving homes more difficult but our commitment remains strong.

In addition to our planned maintenance programmes for tenants and owners, we also carry out planned improvement and investment works.

Please click here to view our programme of planned improvement and investment works for 2019/20.