All housing providers build new homes and Maryhill Housing has a proud track record of doing just that.

Over the last 40 years we have completed many different projects. We have renovated tenements rather than knocking them down. We have breathed new life into the former Maryhill Primary school. Then there is Maryhill Locks – by far the biggest development of homes Maryhill has ever seen since the Victorian and Edwardian tenements were built. Its canal side setting has provided new homes for many families and was a huge undertaking.

Maryhill Housing continues to participate in Glasgow City Council’s “Acquisition” Programme which means we can buy properties and add to our housing stock each year.

We value the partnership we have with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government who both share our vision of providing affordable homes for people.   Without their support in offering much of the funding that is required to build new homes, we would simply not be able to provide them.

Here’s what else we are currently working on:

Ferguson Anderson Care Home, Rothes Drive

We are undertaking a feasibility study about how we can transform this site into new housing.

Housing at Smeaton Street

We have appointed a design team to look at the possibility of developing a site we own at the corner of Smeaton Street and Mayfield Road in Ruchill.

This is a small triangular-shaped piece of ground where a mini-multi block of flats once stood. It was demolished by GHA before Maryhill Housing won the ballot to transfer all their homes to us.

Botany Corner Site

We have again appointed a design team to consider putting housing on this site at the corner of Maryhill Road and Cowal Road on the approach to Kelvindale.

This site once contained an iconic Victorian tenement. The aim is to create a distinctive building of similar stature which contributes to the distinctive and inclusive urban community that already exists. The feasibility study is in its early stages.

Building new homes is a core activity of housing associations. We know that is what people living in our communities want and we have demonstrated our commitment to this over the last 40 years.

We will continue to deliver on this pledge.