Maryhill Housing is proud to be building new homes for the Maryhill and Ruchill communities.

Accessing our new housing
All of our new housing is in the process of being built.  We do not have any new housing currently available to rent or buy.  If you are interested in renting or buying one of our new build homes in the future, please contact our Customer Contact Team by emailing to express an interest.
We build different types of housing to suit different potential customers.  Please see more info below on each housing type.
Social rented housing
This is housing let on Scottish Secure Tenancies.  The rent is set in-line with our rent setting policy which is summarised here. These properties will be allocated in line with the Association’s Allocations Policy which can be accessed here.
Mid-market rent housing
This is housing let on private residential tenancies.  The rent will initially be set at the level of Local Housing Allowance and will remain between the social housing rent and private sector rent.  We are in the process of setting out a Policy on how these properties will be allocated.  You will need to be in work to access this housing.
New supply shared equity housing
This is housing for sale where the government will own an equity stake in the new homes sold.  This means that they will be more affordable than normal new homes for sale.  For example, if the cost of a new home was £200,000, the government would own an equity stake of 50% which means a buyer would pay £100,000 for their share.  The buyer would not pay rent on the share owned by the government.

Funding for new build housing
Funding for new build housing comes from two places: a grant from The Scottish Government and funding from the Association. The funding from the Association usually comes from loans. We use future income from rents at these new build properties to pay back these loans.

Under our Development Policy, all of our new build developments must break even over thirty years. This means that the income from the new properties must be at least equal to the cost of managing, maintaining and repaying the loans, plus interest, over a thirty-year period.
This means that building new homes is not paid for by existing tenants. Building new homes also does not stop the Association spending money on its existing housing.
New developments
We are currently building new housing in the following locations.
Smeaton Street

Work is underway to build sixteen new homes for social rent on Smeaton Street in the Ruchill area of Glasgow, due for delivery in summer 2024.

The new development will consist of twelve energy efficient one and two-bedroom flats and four three-bedroomed maisonettes located on either end of the block.

Proposed lettings targets %
Section 5 (Homeless Households) 30
Waiting List Applicants 35
Transfer Need Applicants 25
Transfer Aspirational Applicants 10

Other development sites
We are exploring a range of other development sites across Maryhill, Ruchill and the wider area at the moment.  Watch this space for more information.