Antisocial behaviour is something we take very seriously at Maryhill Housing. It is not accetable, and if proved, steps can be taken to stamp it out. The law is very clear on what defines anti social behaviour:

Someone is behaving in an antisocial manner if:
  • they are acting in a manner that is causing, or is likely to cause, alarm or distress, or
  • they are doing several things over a period of time that cause, or are likely to cause, alarm or distress to at least one person living in another household.

Source: Shelter Scotland

 Maryhill Housing places anti-social behaviour into 3 categories. 

  • Category A cases are serious in nature such as violence, drugs, threatening behaviour, illegal use of property or threats to association staff.  These cases will usually involve the police.
  • Category B cases are persistent in nature such as continued noise nuisance, frequent disturbances, verbal abuse and tenant failure to control behaviour of children, guests or pets.
  • Category C cases are breaches of tenancy agreement of a minor nature but still a cause of neighbour nuisance such as untidy gardens, unauthorised parking or neighbour disputes over washing lines, bins and stair cleaning.

We want all residents to live in a happy and safe environment where they can enjoy their home and tackling unacceptable behaviour is one of the way we can all achieve this.

In order for us to take appropriate action, we will look for as much detail from you about the incident you are reporting. We may write to your surrounding neighbours to gather more information that will collaborate your report.  If appropriate, we will seek the assistance of Police Scotland or Community Safety Glasgow Noise Team.

How to make a complaint

In strict confidence you can speak with our staff in our offices at Garrioch Road or Glenavon . You can also use the form below to reach us.

What happens next?

We will send you an acknowledgement of your complaint and investigate it.  We will speak with the person who is causing the problem and take appropriate action.  We will write to you to let you know that we have dealt with your complaint.  All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

What can Maryhill Housing do about it?

All tenants have a tenancy agreement with Maryhill Housing.  In this document we set out acceptable behaviours that we expect from tenants such as respecting your neighbours, not using your property for illegal purposes and controlling pets. It also advises that we will take action on anti-social behaviour and that your tenancy could be put at risk.

If the behaviour is confirmed, we will issue a First Warning to tenants who have been acting in an antisocial manner. Hopefully this will rectify the problem but if not and another incident occurs we will progress to a Second Warning.  A further incident will result in the tenant being referred to Community Safety Glasgow where evidence will be gathered for court action which includes seeking an Anti-Social Behaviour Order or Recover of the Property. Ultimately, it could also lead to someone losing their home.

We will work with the persons responsible for antisocial behaviour to assist them to change their actions and this may involve us seeking outside agency assistance such as Mediation, Social Work Department, Addictions Teams, Tenancy Support Groups

What if it is an owner and not a tenant?

Owners have responsibility to act in a reasonable manner too.  We are aware that with the increasing number of private lets in our area some people don’t act in a responsible manner.  Any property that is owned and causing nuisance through anti-social behaviour can be directly referred to Community Safety Glasgow

Useful numbers

Police Scotland 999 or 101
Community Safety Glasgow: 0141 276 7400