Published on: 13 Aug 2021 08:45

Written by: Maryhill Housing

We believe that it’s very important for tenants to have a strong voice in how their Housing Association is run.  As such, we are always looking to encourage more tenants to get involved and join the Maryhill Housing Board.

Paul Imrie has lived in Maryhill for over 15 years and has been a Maryhill Housing Tenant Board Member for three years.  At our AGM in September 2020, Paul was elected Vice-Chair of the Board. 

Paul says, "I'm just an ordinary person who was interested in housing and wanted to try to make a positive difference to our neighbourhoods.  Being on the Board has given me a broader understanding of what Housing Associations can do, and what they can achieve, in our community.  This could be an opportunity for you to make a difference too!"

For more information about joining our Board, check out our Recruitment Pack

If you would like to speak with Paul directly about joining the Maryhill Housing Board, you can email him at [email protected] 

Alternatively, you can call our office on 0141 946 2466 and ask to speak to a member of our Corporate Support Team who will arrange for Paul to call you back.

Paul Imrie, Maryhill Housing Tenant Vice Chair of the Board