Published on: 11 Jul 2017 09:00

Written by: Maryhill Housing

We have made some changes to the rules on keeping dogs in your home.  For housing other than multi-story housing these are:

  • You need permission from Maryhill Housing to keep a dog.  If you replace this dog, you will need to get our permission for the new dog
  • If you are given permission to keep a dog we will clearly set out the conditions that you must follow if you have a dog(s) in your home
  • Failure to follow these conditions will result in us withdrawing permission for you to keep a dog(s)
  • If you keep a dog without permission from us youre breaking the rules of your enancy Agreement.  In these cases we will discuss you options with you
  • We will not give you permission of keep any dog that is banned under law.
  • We will usually give permission to keep an assistance dog which has been professionally trained to support tenants with a disability
 If you want permission to keep a dog, please speak to your Housing Officer.
Dogs have not been allowed in multi-story flats for some years.  The only exception is if you had a dog before the rule was enforced and you were given restricted permission to keep your dog.  You cannot replace this dog.