Published on: 23 Sep 2020 12:18

Written by: Maryhill Housing

Maryhill Housing are aware of an article by Caroline Wilson which features in today’s (Wednesday 23rd September 2020) Glasgow Times and wish to clarify some points which are either misleading or incorrect.

Firstly, we can categorically state that we have not issued a warning to any Board members regarding rent arrears. 

The Association publishes details of tenant Board Member arrears in its Accounts annually.  The arrears in question were what is known as “technical arrears”.  These are temporary arrears which are caused by differences between when benefits are paid and when rent is due (as most benefits are paid weekly whilst rent is due monthly).  Over two thirds of our customers are in receipt of financial support with their rent and the majority of their accounts show similar technical arrears at different points throughout the year.

As of the end of March 2020, we did not have any Board Members in true rent arrears.

We can also categorically state that we have not warned Board Members about using their position to their advantage at any point.  We do however make clear that we expect all of our Board Members to conform to a Code of Conduct which outlines the high standards they should maintain at all times.  These include actively promoting our values, acting in the best interests of the Association and being committed to ensuring that we offer excellent services which are valued by our communities.

Lastly, we can confirm that the investigations into the Board Member Code of Conduct referred to in the article do not relate to any current Board Members.  We previously issued a statement regarding this which can be found here: