Published on: 12 Dec 2017 11:56

Written by: Maryhill Housing

 Donations from staff pour in to give
       families a Happy Christmas
December 12  2017 - with picture
STAFF at Maryhill Housing have delivered the perfect early Christmas present to families in need with a bumper food bank boost.
In a burst of Christmas generosity they have collected a massive amount of food - currently in excess of 400 items – and beating their own Christmas collection target.
It came in response to an appeal from the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations with its recently-announced “Food Bank Advent Appeal”
Now the food – along with selected items of clothing such as kids’ pyjamas and decorations – will be taken to Glasgow Northwest Foodbank located at Ruchill Parish Church which is close to Maryhill Housing’s office.
Maryhill Chief Executive Bryony Willett said: “The Sprit of Christmas is alive and well at Maryhill Housing thanks to our kind-hearted and generous team.
“The amount of food collected in just a short time is exceptional and illustrates the understanding our staff have for those needing a helping hand during the festive season.
“It is another example of the good work that housing associations everywhere do which has a particular significance at Christmas.”
Earlier this year, staff chose two charities to help with the animal charity SPCA – picked as a national focus for their endeavours while Glasgow Northwest Foodbank was selected as the local option. 
The aim is to raise £2000 for the charities as well as collect 1,000 items of food over each six month period – which they are on track to exceed.
Food for the Food Bank is being collected through “Dress Down Fridays”.
On the last Friday of each month staff are encouraged to wear casual clothes if they donate a minimum of three items of food.  Those who do not dress down make a voluntary cash donation. The staff are also running raffles, baking stalls and sponsored events to raise the £2,000.
Bryony Willett added: ““Throughout 2017 we have put a renewed emphasis on volunteering and the enthusiasm from our team has been magnificent.”
Caption: A great effort…..the food donations heading for the foodbank donated by Maryhill Housing staff.