Published on: 05 Jul 2022 11:59

Written by: Maryhill Housing

Our ‘Counting the Cost’ campaign launched 4th July 2022 with the aim of helping Maryhill Housing residents manage the cost-of-living crisis.

We want to ensure that any of our residents struggling with living costs know they can get help and support to check what benefits and grants they may be entitled to as well as help to apply.  

We also have Energy Advisors who provide practical energy advice and help with choosing the best tariff to save you money and heat your home more efficiently.
Our Financial Support Team also help with Social Security benefit appeals and offers a free appeal representation service with a high appeal success rate.

If you want to speak to an Energy Advisor or a member of our Financial Support Team please call 0141 946 2466 or email

If you have any special requirements or need an interpreter this can also be arranged.

To view our 'Counting the Cost' poster please click here