Please see below for some frequently asked questions about mid-market rent (MMR) housing.

Who is eligible for MMR housing?
MMR applicants must be:
  • Aged 16 years and above.
  • Currently in employment.
  • In receipt of an annual household income of between £19,486 and £34,643 (single adult households) or £45,612 (dual adult households).
Affordability assessments and credit checks will be carried out.
How can I access mid-market rent housing from Maryhill Living?
All available properties will be advertised through our agent Countrywide. We do not currently hold a waiting list for MMR housing because we have very few properties that become available.
Is mid-market rent housing still classed as affordable?
MMR is still classed as an affordable form of housing, as tenants in these homes pay a lower rent than the equivalent of a private sector rent in the area. However, the overall rent paid is generally higher than the social housing equivalent. Maryhill Housing receives grant from Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council to build or buy MMR housing.
Is MMR housing let on the same tenancies as social rent housing?
The tenancy provided is a private rented sector tenancy, called a Scottish Secure Shorthold Tenancy. This is a different tenancy type to social housing, which is let on Scottish Secure Tenancies.
Is Maryhill Living part of Maryhill Housing?
Yes, Maryhill Living is wholly owned by Maryhill Housing, and together, they form the Maryhill Housing Group. The MMR properties are owned by Maryhill Housing and leased to Maryhill Living.
As an MMR tenant, would my tenancy be with Maryhill Living or Maryhill Housing?
Your tenancy would be with Maryhill Living.
Does Maryhill Living have is own staff?
No, due to the small numbers of properties currently managed by Maryhill Living, all management and maintenance services are provided by the staff team at Maryhill Housing. Staff responsible for managing our MMR housing have completed a specialist qualification in managing mid-market rent properties.
Do mid-market rent properties come furnished?
All our mid-market properties are provided with floor coverings, white goods and blinds. Maryhill Living is responsible for repairing any faults with these white goods. Tenants are responsible for providing all other furniture.
Do you need to pay a deposit for mid-market rent housing?
All applicants are required to pay at least one month’s rent in advance at the start of the tenancy and maintain rent payments in advance.  If the tenant has a pet, they will be expected to pay a higher deposit. All deposits are held with a recognised deposit holding service.
Can tenants keep pets in MMR housing?
Tenants need permission to keep pets in all housing owned by Maryhill Housing or Maryhill Living. Tenants are not allowed to keep dogs in any buildings higher than five stories, which includes the Locks View development.
Want to find our more?
Please see our Mid-Market Policy.