Every year we consult with you about the rent we propose to set from April of the following year.

Please respond by 18th January 2019 for the chance to win one of two £50 Love2Shop vouchers!


Every year we consult with you about the rent we propose to set from April of the following year.   We place great importance on this consultation period as an organisation that listens to the people we serve and acts on what we are hearing.  

In January 2019 our Board of Management will make a decision on rents. This year we are providing rent increase options for the first time and you have between now and 18th January 2019 to tell us your thoughts.  We want to make sure that we provide our tenants with value for money for the rents you pay us.  

As part of our future plans we are committed to achieving £750,000 of year-on-year savings to be delivered in stages by 2025.   We accomplished the first stage of savings in 2017.  We are due to save the next £250,000 in 2019 and the final £250,000 by 2025.  Below you will see the options we are proposing and we would like you to tell us your views.

Our future plans assume rents will increase from 1st April 2019 by the Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation rate plus an additional 1%. This includes the next stage of £250,000 savings.

If the June 2018 RPI rate plus an extra 1% was used this would mean rents would go up by 4.4% from April 2019.  However, we want to give you a number of options to consider.  We could keep services the same for a rent increase of 4.4%.  Or, we could reduce the rent increase through the options set out below, each of which would reduce the rent increase by 0.5%. Choosing any two of these options would result in a reduction of 1% whilst choosing all three would result in a reduction of 1.5%.

The options we'd like you to consider are as follows:
Keep the above-mentioned 4.4% rise from 1st April 2019.
Close Cleaning - currently we clean almost all closes on a weekly basis and we also do a four-week deep clean. We could change the frequency so that every close would be cleaned every two weeks. We would still do the deep clean every four weeks and we would also have a budget to carry out any ad hoc cleans that might be necessary in the weeks without scheduled cleans.
Common Area Painting – in 2015 we put in place a programme of paint work for closes, common areas, railings, etc. At present, all common area painting gets done once every five years. We could change the painting of all common areas to once every eight years instead.
Community Fund – Maryhill Housing currently provides a fund of £63,000 each year to support a variety of community initiatives including participatory budgeting events, planters along Maryhill Road, installation of cycle parking and support for improved play facilities. We could stop providing this fund.