A review of how we let our homes.  Have your say! We are reviewing our Allocations Policy and would love to hear what you think.



The Association has around 3000 rented homes in the Maryhill and Ruchill area. When one of these becomes vacant or we build new homes, the Association decides who will be allocated the vacant property from the housing list.  We also use the housing list to help current tenants who want to move to another Association property.  These allocations and transfers are carried out according to an Allocations policy.
Why do we need to review the policy?
Since the allocations policy was last reviewed, in 2011, the Scottish Government have introduced some changes in the law affecting how all housing associations and councils let their homes.  The key changes introduced by the Scottish Government include:

  • Priority for homeless applicants, households who are under occupying their homes and those living in poor quality accommodation.

  • Landlords will be allowed to take home ownership into account when assessing a housing application.

  • Stronger rules around suspending housing applications linked to anti-social behaviour, abandonment of tenancies and evictions.

  • A standard qualifying period of 12 months for succession, assignations, joint tenancies and subletting.

  • Increased rights for a landlord to take possession of an adapted property where the property is no longer required.

We have also identified some inconsistencies in our current policy. We need to make sure that the policy helps us to allocate properties as efficiently as possible, and that we help people to get a good match of housing in a place they want to live.
Who will the new policy affect?
The policy mainly affects people who are applying for a house, or applying for a transfer and existing tenants.
What are we changing?
We have developed a draft new policy. This includes some changes which we have to follow because the law tells us to; and some approaches which are recognised as good practice.
If you want a copy of the draft policy then please click here to download or alternatively ask us for this and we will send it to you
The attached survey looks for your views on areas where we are proposing a change to the existing policy. Your feedback will be considered when we agree the final Allocations Policy.
How long do I have to comment?
Please complete your questionnaire to us by Monday 21 May 2018.
What happens then?
We will consider all the comments you make and use this feedback in drawing up the final policy. A report on the consultation will be presented to the Association’s Policy and Performance Committee when it considers a final version of the Allocations policy at its meeting at the end of May 2018.
Following the Committee meeting we will publish the details of the changes to the Policy on our website and we will contact you by December 2018 to advise you of the priority your application has been given under the new policy.

We are really interested in your comments so please complete our short survey. We would be grateful if you could do this by Monday 14 May 2018. Thank you for your help.