A review of how we manage Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). Let us know what you think!



Our last Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2015 highlighted ASB as one of the major concerns for tenants living in our homes. We have developed a number of initiatives over the years to address ASB within our homes and the community which has gone some way to improving the situation. We think that there is still more that we can do to deal with ASB and the recent changes in the law will allow us to take more action against those who commit ASB. The changes to the law are not in place just yet but we want to be ready to include these important changes in our Policy when that start dates are announced by the Government.

What are the proposed changes to the ASB policy?
The key changes introduced by the Scottish Government include: 

  • The Association will no longer have to apply for an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) before converting a tenancy to a Short Scottish Secure tenancy (SSST), which is a tenancy with fewer rights.
  • The length of a SSST will increase from 6 months to 12 months with an option to increase this by a further 6 months if ASB is still a problem.
  • The Association may consider evicting a tenant who has been involved in serious ASB and convicted in the last 12 months.
  • The Association will be able to take into account the behaviour of visitors when deciding whether to suspend a housing application because of ASB.

The changes that are being proposed will give tenants and housing applicants the option of challenging decisions that are taken in respect of their tenancy or housing application.  The Association also has to demonstrate that it is assisting tenants to seek support and help so that they can stop being anti-social and causing a nuisance to their neighbours.
Who will the new policy affect?
The policy mainly affects tenants living in our homes and those people who are applying for a house, or tenants applying for a transfer.
What are we changing?
We have developed a draft new policy which includes the above proposals and some approaches which are recognised as good practice.
If you want a copy of the draft policy then please ask us for this and we will send it to you
The attached survey looks for your views on areas where we are proposing a change to the existing policy. Your feedback will be considered when we agree the final ASB Policy.
How long do I have to comment?
Please complete your questionnaire to us by Monday 21 May 2018.
What happens then?
We will consider all the comments you make and use this feedback in drawing up the final policy. A report on the consultation will be presented to the Association’s Policy and Performance Committee when it considers a final version of the ASB policy at its meeting at the end of May 2018.
Following the Committee meeting we will publish the details of the changes to the Policy on our website.

We are really interested in your comments so please complete our short survey. We would be grateful if you could do this by Monday 21 May 2018. Thank you for your help.