Maryhill Housing was created in 1977 in a tenement in the East Park area of Maryhill. The aim was to refurbish the impressive tenement stock of housing in that area and to ensure that they weren’t demolished. The rich red sandstone buildings were needing improved so we set to work with just a handful of staff.

In the last 40 years Maryhill Housing Association has grown into a leading housing provider in the city. Throughout it all we have never lost sight of the fact that we are a community- controlled organisation with a Board (formerly known as a Management Committee) which takes decisions right here in Maryhill and Ruchill. The people who make up this Board do so voluntarily and are unpaid. They do it because they believe in the long-admired concept of housing associations and what they can achieve in communities. Without them there would be no housing association.

There have been a few highlights along the way in the last 40 years. In 1994 we carried out what’s known as a stock transfer of homes in the Parkhill area of Ruchill. The transfer of 367 properties from the then Glasgow District Council to Maryhill Housing Association was a huge success. The reason for that was local residents were firmly at the heart of the decision-making process. We then set about building new housing and we look back on this milestone with a great deal of satisfaction.

In 2011 existing Glasgow Housing Association residents living in Maryhill and Ruchill were asked to choose whether they wanted to transfer ownership of these homes to ourselves. They did so overwhelmingly and Maryhill Housing became a much bigger organisation and for the first time added multi-storey properties to our stock. By this we mean the three blocks at Glenavon and the so-called “mini-multis” flats nearby.

So what of the future?

Maryhill Housing will continue to be the anchor in our communities - always here, always helping and always doing our best for Ruchill and Maryhill. We like to think of ourselves as inspiring people and we hope you agree.