Join The Association. It costs just £1.

Some of our customers are members also known as shareholders in Maryhill Housing. What do we mean by this?

Becoming a shareholder member means you can attend our AGM held each year in September and even put yourself forward to join the Board. There are also member events and newsletters during the year.

There is a long tradition in the housing association movement of being able to “join” your local housing association for just £1. And we keep that inexpensive option alive and well today.

You can get very little for £1 these days but supporting your local community for such a small sum we think is money well spent. Simply pay £1 for lifetime membership which means you become a shareholder.

You can find out more by calling the Association on 0141 946 2466 or by completing the online application form below.  Please note we currently require a signature for applications therefore we will also send out a paper form to be signed.

We are always striving to make Maryhill and Ruchill better. And you can help us achieve that by playing your part.

If you are interested in joining our Board please click here for more information.

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