How we are performing

Maryhill Housing is committed to improving performance in everything we do. A key measure of our success is our Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter

This Annual Return includes a range of different measures of how we are performing for our customers and is submitted to the Scottish Housing Regulator in May each year. All of our returns are then published on the Regulator's website, where you can use the comparison tool to compare us to other social landlords. We also report on our performance through our Annual Review and Annual Complaints Report.

The Scottish Housing Regulator also requires us to publish an Assurance Statement each year.  Through this document we assess ourselves against all aspects of their Regulatory Framework, the Scottish Social Housing Charter and other relevant laws. The Statement gives details of where we are meeting these requirements or where we have further work to do. It is written by our Board, who discuss its content throughout the year. During these discussions they refer to our Assurance Dashboard, which gives more information on each area. 

We also have an Engagement Plan with the Scottish Housing Regulator which shows how they are engaging with us and any areas of performance that they are concerned about. Currently, they are only engaged with us about our plans for new build developments. This is not a concern, but is a big piece of work which is important to the area and the organisation, so the Regulators needs to be updated on it more often. 

Significant Performance Failures

A Significant Performance Failure is where a landlord repeatedly fails to achieve outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter or agreed locally with tenants, or has not accurately reported its performance to its tenants each year, or has materially failed to meet Regulatory Standards. This is considered significant by the Scottish Housing Regulator if the landlord's action (or inaction) puts tenants' interests at risk and if this affects a number of its tenants. 

You can read more about Significant Performance Failures, and how you can report them to the Regulator, in this leaflet